Innovative thinker with broad based expertise in operations, finance, sales/marketing and business development. Proven ability to quickly analyze key business drivers and develop strategies to grow the bottom line.

My career is distinguished by a history of success in starting, building, growing and improving the profitability, performance and valuation of companies. I have extensive international experiences and adapted through a breadth of job functions from the shop floor to the executive suite. Throughout it all, I believe I retained my enterpreneurial edge for success. A strategic creative thinker who focuses on unique solutions to produce bottom line results with notable revenue generation. Analyzes situations to synthesize innovative solutions. Purposely pursues a broad spectrum of industries to make a significant impact. Introduces new technologies, grow and improves the profitability and performance of companies.

Excellent interpersonal, communication and relationship building skills

What Others Say

“At the time he was recruited in 2006, our main problem was to penetrate the market with our catalyst line developed. Among the different tasks for which he was retained and in which he was excellent however, the penetration of the international market with our free or nearly free precious metal combustion environmental catalysts was crucial for the future of our company. I can say without any restriction that Pat has done a remarkable work on all aspects. Pat accomplished more in the first 6 months of his tenure than in the companies pervious 6 years.”
– Dr. André Van Neste, Ph.D. Scientific Co-founder NANOX Inc.

“After 3 years of very hard work, being always the first to arrive in the office and often the last one to leave, bringing work home for the night and the weekends, Mr. O'Connor brought the company from darkness to daylight. Indeed, the company received in 2005 three important awards: the Nano50 from the NASA Nanotech Brief, the Innovation Award @ Semicon West, and the Nanotech Japan. He also secured offices & laboratories in the pavilion Bombardier the leading nanotechnology facility in Canada on the campus of the Université of Montreal I Ecole Polytechnique. Altogether, this allowed the company to build an excellent reputation in nanotech and was emerging as a key technology in the semiconductor sector.”
– Dr. Gilles Picard, Ph.D. Scinetifc Founder of Nanometrix Inc.

“I was always surprised with his ability and the rapidity of which he was able to catch the knowledge of new principles and technologies pertaining to our product. He identified the need to retarget our product, then working with myself and the rest of the technical team on new formulations to specifically meet the customer needs.”
– Dr. André Van Neste, Ph.D. Scientific Co-founder NANOX Inc.

“He has demonstrated the rare ability to understand leading edge technology and to translate into terms that customers & investors can understand. He has a good judgment in business and technology. His line of attack is very strategic and articulated, as he approaches the target from several fronts at the same time, using all the fire power wisely but efficiently.”
– Dr. Gilles Picard, Ph.D. Scinetifc Founder of Nanometrix Inc.


  • Non-Profit operations
  • Strategic Planning and Growth
  • International Marketing and Business Development
  • Start-Up and Turnaround Leadership
  • New Product Development and Launch
  • Profit and Loss Management and Budgeting
  • Technology Transfer and Commercialization
  • Multi-Site Manufacturing and Production Operations
  • Federal Government operations
  • Negotiations, Presentations and Consultations
  • Business Culture and Process Redesign
  • Business Partners / Alliances
  • Productivity and Quality Improvement
  • Recruitment and Staffing
  • Acquisitions and Joint Ventures
  • Cross-Functional Team Building and Leadership


Federal Prison Industries 2018 - Present

Chief Executive Office, Federal Prison Industries, Assistant Director, Bureau of Prisons, US Department of Justice, Washington, DC 2018 - Present

Federal Prison Industries (FPI) is unique; it is a manufacturing conglomerate within the Federal Government. It is a self-sustaining government corporation that receives no taxpayer funding. In recent years, FPI has provided training and work experience to more than 16,000 federal inmates annually, employing about 11,000 individuals at any given time in more than 70 factories at 50 federal prisons across the country. FPI produces over 17,000 different products and services in seven major product/service groups: Agribusiness; Clothing and Textiles; Electronics; Fleet; Office Furniture; Recycling; & Services.

  • Appointed to Senior Executive Service - by Attorney General Barr in 2018.
  • Grew top line revenue - in since FY19, a 28.6% increase.
  • Opened 10 new factories - in since FY19, a 28.6% increase.
  • In FY20 booked - $853 million in orders
  • Pivoted to product of PPE (masks, shield, gowns, sanitized) - in response to COVID pandemic while maintaining critical support to existing client base.

Non-Profit dedicated to the employment of the severely disabled. Business segments include military / commercial garment manufacturing, call centers, document services, corrugated packaging & 3PL services.

Vice President, Business Development, El Paso, TX

  • Business Process Development - Established business development group and implemented “Shipley” based proposal management process resulting in a 52%-win rate on proposals and $179.7 million in contracts won in 1st 11 months of 2016.
  • Online Marketing - Designed & launched new on-line presences for 5 divisions and secured Goggle GrantPro status.
  • Market Development - Developed opportunities pipeline in excess of $1.2 Billion.
    • Secured 5-year M&D contact for development of US Army’s new UIPE2 chemical warfare uniform
    • Launched commercial cut & sew operations servicing the fashion industry
    • Captured Defense Logistics Agency contract for chemical protective uniforms to US Air Force, value $74.9 million.
  • Diverse Customer Base - Customer base expanded to both Governmental customers such has GSA, US Postal & Defense Logistics Agency to include commercial automotive (Federal Mogul) & fashion such as Levi’s, Ralph Lauren and True Religion

Applied Nanostructured Solutions LLC, (a wholly owned Subsidiary)

Dedicated to the rapid development and commercialization of nanotechnology.

Director, Strategy & Business Development, Baltimore, MD

  • Commercialization - Developed product concepts, business and commercialization plans for new technologies.
  • Product Insertion - Insertednano-enhanced composites & thermoplastics on US Army & Navy programs.
  • Supply Chain - Secured major supply chain partners in thermoplastics & composite sectors in China & North America.
  • Business Development - Developed relationships with premier customers including 3M, Apple, GM, Nike, Sabic, Samsung & TE Connectivity.

Executive Director

The Collins Group is an independent company providing customized services in investment banking, mergers, strategic partnering and business planning and support to corporate clients. We target cross-border and cross-Atlantic financing, Strategic Partnering, and M&A transactions from $3 to $250 million for our private and public clients in Asia, Europe, North & South America.

  • Corporate Financing - Arranged financing for development, expansion, acquisitions and buy-outs.
  • Advisory - Provided counsel and advisory services to private and public companies on financing and M&A assignments.
  • Private Placements - Sourcing financing for our clients from US and European VCs and PEGs.
  • Business / Technology Planning - Prepare business, technology development and market rollout plans.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions - Support at all stages of the M&A process - strategy and target identification, evaluation, initiation, discussion and negotiations, and completion.
  • Due Diligence - Prepare our clients for the investment due diligence process.
  • Strategic Partnerships - Identify and recruit Strategic Partners for technology companies, and also arrange channel distribution and VAR agreements for them.

Company produces high surface area nano-perovskite based catalysts targeted for the Emission Control market, primarily diesel application. Recruited by the preferred shareholders (VC) to re-launch the Company and prepare it for divestiture. Held full P&L responsibility.

NANOX, INC. - Chief Executive Officer QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC, CANADA 2006 to 2009

Company produces high surface area nano-perovskite based catalysts targeted for the Emission Control market, primarily diesel application. Recruited by the preferred shareholders (VC) to re-launch the Company and prepare it for divestiture. Held full P&L responsibility.

  • Business Development - Launched 2 new families of products aimed at reducing the amount of PGM (Platinum Group Metals) required to meet emission control standards.
    • Secured product development contract with Caterpillar, a world leader in diesel engine design & manufacturing.
    • Expanded product into the petro/chemical sector by developing custom formulations for UOP.
    • Entered into products into vendor qualification at Daihatsu & Ford.
  • Organizational Restructuring - Reorganized organization to allow for improved responsiveness to customer needs.
    • Simplified order fulfillment process
    • Developed and implemented companywide KPIs.
NANOMETRIX; - Chief Executive Officer / Director General Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2003 to 2006

Provided vision, direction and leadership to this start-up company that developed a breakthrough monolayer-based thin film technology that enables the next generation semiconductor and advanced materials sectors. Held full P&L responsibility.

  • Corporate Financing & VC Relations - Secured $2.5 million in additional seed capital, built relationships and negotiated with VC firms for series "A" round financing, and negotiated loan guarantees to fund R&D activities.
  • Sales & Marketing - Served as a one-man sales/marketing team focused on targeting the semiconductor, bio/pharma, and advanced material sectors. Spearheaded a guerrilla marketing program that ignited instant credibility and positioned the five-person company alongside major industry players, including GE Global Research, 3M, and Los Alamos National Laboratories.
  • Technology Prototype - Brought a computerized prototype machine online and led successful effort to move the Mark IV prototype into operations, enabling samples to be made for firms (e.g., Intel, Samsung, and Merck).
  • Joint R&D - Negotiated a joint development agreement with one of Europe's largest research institutes.
  • Sales Funnel Development - Developed a sales funnel with 13 world class clients that represent seven countries and five sectors.
  • International Awards - Led Nanometrix to several international awards, including the NSTI Award, Tokyo; and the SEMI Technology Innovation Showcase; company was also named to NASA Tech Briefs Nano 50 ("winners of the Nano 50 awards are the best of the best - the innovative people and technologies that will continue to move nanotechnology to key mainstream markets," Linda L. Bell, publisher of Nanotech Briefs).
BRAGG PHOTONICS - Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1999 to 2003

Chief Technical Officer / Vice President, Business Development

Scope of responsibility encompassed technical, production, manufacturing, engineering, R&D, purchasing, marketing, sales, MIS, staffing and business development functions at this start-up company focused on the design and development of component solutions for high speed fiber optic telecommunication networks. Managed 350 employees located at two facilities; full P&L accountability.

  • Revenue & Market Share Growth - Grew revenues from $5 million to $150 million and increased market share from 10% to 45%, and outpaced competitors by driving forward quality, on-time delivery and technical assistance initiatives; company was recognized by Deloitte & Touché as a Tech "Fast 50" in Canada.
  • Business Development & Partnerships - Penetrated and grew business with clients in the U.S. and Asia (Nortel, Lucent, JDS Uniphase, Corning, Agere) and built/managed a network of agents and representatives worldwide and relationships with University R&D partners in Canada, China, Germany, and Hong Kong.
  • Product Development & Launch - Led the development of tunable optical filter technology (a product line with three distinct units for different performance requirements and price points) and generated two patent filings; also guided the development and launch of a tunable laser system for a U.S. major U.S. military contractor. Completed the product development cycle of the laser system within two months.
  • Joint Venture & Start-up Subsidiaries - Structured and negotiated a JV agreement for the development of manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and drove the start-up of subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the People's Republic of China.
  • Operations, Staffing & Hiring - Assigned top-caliber manufacturing personnel in key positions and revamped hiring practices for production positions.
  • Manufacturing & Production - Built the operating infrastructure, introduced TQM and lean manufacturing techniques, and led cultural transition from a R&D focus to a production-driven business model.
HOYA LENS OF AMERICA; Bethel, CT 1997 to 1999

Vice President of Operations / Research & Development

Significantly contributed to positioning this optical products marketer/supplier as the second largest optical lab firm in the U.S. Recruited by the CEO to direct all aspects of operations for a start-up American Division that was formed to penetrate the U.S. market. Oversaw materials, production, facilities, MIS, maintenance, quality assurance, and customer service functions. Managed a 75-person cross-functional team; held full P&L responsibility.

  • Start-up Leadership & Revenue Growth - Transitioned the American division from start-up / zero in revenues into a mature, 1500-employee operation generating $157 million in revenues within 13 months.
  • Hiring & Training - Hired, trained, and managed sales/marketing, customer service and call center personnel, and coached the sales team by taking them on sales calls to demonstrate proper sales techniques.
  • Marketing & Trade Shows - Collaborated with team to develop a new marketing plan and collateral materials, and continually attended and worked at trade shows.
  • Acquisitions & Business Integration - Achieved tremendous growth by managing acquisition planning, analysis, due diligence and candidate review, and participating in negotiations for $157 million in acquisition deals that included 14 operating units. Championed Hoya's philosophies and technologies, and effectively merged leveraged and consolidated combined synergies and resources to ensure seamless integration.
  • Technology Transfer - Traveled to Europe and Japan to coordinate and facilitate technology transfer.
  • Liaison Affairs & Problem Resolution - Liaised with Japanese engineers and contractors, and intervened on and addressed/resolved problems with local building codes and permits; also negotiated with the EPA and resolved issues with Connecticut's environmental laws; company was the only optical laboratory to receive an environmental permit award by the State of Connecticut.
THE MONSANTO COMPANY; Allentown, PA 1994 to 1997

Corporate Director of Manufacturing

Member of the management team and the Strategic Leadership Council at this $6 billion life sciences company. Facilitated Monsanto's entry into the optical market by providing expertise in strategic planning, manufacturing, marketing, and product development. Oversaw 226 cross-functional employees (materials, engineering, production, facilities, and maintenance and quality assurance). Managed a $50 million budget; full P&L responsibility.

  • Strategic Planning & Global Team Building - Spearheaded strategy for all manufacturing operations worldwide (10,000 employees, NutraSweet, Searle, Beniva, Agricultural Products, Fibers), coordinated teams, and established a global network partnership to share best practices and foster a commitment to excellence.
  • Facility Construction - Planned, budgeted, and managed the construction of a 117,000 sq. ft. high technology, semi-conductor grade vacuum coating plant facility with a 15,000 sq. ft. Class 100 clean room.
  • Productivity & Quality - Improved productivity/quality by implementing SPC and other systems/technologies.
  • Product Development - Led the development of an innovative new product that captured 50% market share in the test market within 90 days and drove estimated first-year revenue projection of $150 million.
  • Hiring & Training - Hired, trained and managed sales/marketing and customer service staff, and accompanied sales staff on sales calls.
  • Advertising & Trade Shows - Selected an advertising agency and oversaw the development of a television and print ad campaign, and continually participated in industry trade shows.
O'CONNOR MANAGEMENT; Seminole, FL 1992 to 1994


Launched a consulting practice specializing in new facility design, operations, process redesign, productivity improvement, and quality.

  • Quality Management & Control - Led SPC, ISO 9000, and quality initiatives for U.S. Navy, Johnson & Johnson and others. Operated as a subcontractor Juran Institute doing quality work. Subcontracted market and technical research for McKinsey & Co. - major customer was Monsanto.
  • Process Reengineering - Reduced lead time 28%, labor requirements 20% (within six months) and reduced back orders from 40% to less than 5% for a start-up graphic design fabricator by leading internal process reengineering to improve customer service. Served as the company's Interim COO.
  • Profit Revitalization - Restored profitability to a FAA-certified repair station that was facing bankruptcy. Retained as President and recruited a new management team, drove new market entry, and built a network of market reps that drove business and relationships in the U.S., Europe, and China; also secured Europe Aviation Administration approval/certification by the Civil Aviation Authority of China.

Operations Manager (VP Level) (1990 to 1992)

Production Superintendent (1987 to 1990)

Instrumental in taking this joint venture from a two-person start-up into a Fortune "Fast 500" $200 million manufacturer. Promoted to plan and manage operations for the Essilor side of the Transitions Optical joint venture with PPG. Hired, trained and led a sales/marketing staff and managed a 300 - person cross-functional team.

  • Revenue Growth - Generated $20 million in first-year revenues (exceeding goal 33%) and drove revenue growth to $200 million by the second year.
  • Marketing & Product Launch - Spearheaded a high-profile marketing and product launch for the introduction of the world's first photo chromic plastic lenses (Transition Lenses) and orchestrated other product launches.
    • Rented Liberace's mansion in Las Vegas for a product launch campaign and bussed in "customers' customers" to introduce them to the television ad campaign that their customers would be viewing.
    • Identified 1.5+ million defective units prior to a nationwide product launch; quickly formulated method for chemically reworking the product and hired temporary staff to fulfill implementation, resulting in cost-effective resolution (less than $.10 per unit) of defect while ensuring timely, on-schedule product release .
  • Contract Negotiations - Structured and negotiated OEM agreements with American Optical, Vision-Ease, Orcolite, Sola International, and Younger Optics to accelerate distribution.
  • Plant Facility Construction - Coordinated the construction of a state-of-the-art plant facility with mass production equipment for commercialization (completed the $40 million project on time and ahead of budget). Transitioned a pilot plant into a facility to support production/order fulfillment efforts during construction phases and delivered the first shipment 127 days of initial approval of building permits.
  • Productivity Improvement & Cost Reduction - Strengthened productivity by introducing the practice of self-directed work teams and emphasizing employee empowerment, and reduced operating costs $1.1 million by initiating process improvements for scrap reduction and automated equipment installation.

Manufacturing Manager - Schering Plough Corporation, Chicago, IL (1984 - 1987)

Supervisor - United States Steel, Gary, Indiana (1973 - 1984)


B.S., Industrial Supervision (Business/Engineering Technology) - Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN (1977)