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Cockroach Pest Control

A cockroach is the common pest of our living. We can see cockroaches in every place like house, office, hotel etc. It has remained almost unchanged for over 300 million years.

Bedbugs Pest Control

A bedbug is small and flattened elliptical (Oval) shaped insect, reddish brown in color and about 0.7mm long. Bedbug’s color is nearly white after ecdysiast and then reach from t bronze color to burn orange.

Termite Pest Control

Termite has over 3000 narrated species. main three species termites of these numerous species are damp wood termites, subterranean termites, and dry wood termites.

Rodent Pest Control

Rodent is a mammal of Rodentia family, characterized by a single pair of incessantly gnawing incisors in each of the upper and lower jaws that must be kept short by gnawing.

Mosquitoes Pest Control

Over 2500 different kinds of mosquitoes unique the world. Most mosquito species are considered oppression because they stretch out blood from human and living animals. In victualing on blood, some of them.

Ants Pest Control

Queen ants have wings, which they shed when they start a new nest. … Depending on the species, ant colonies can consist of millions of ants. There are three kinds of ants in a colony: The queen, the female workers, and males.

Cleaning Services in Bangladesh

Our Pest Control Services also provide the best home and office cleaning services in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh. Starting from virus disinfection, sanitizing, deep cleaning, sofa cleaning, chair cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, inside and outside glass cleaning, water tank cleaning, septic cleaning, bathroom/toilet cleaning with professional and modern equipment.

Our cleaning service will help you to remove deep stains. Our cleaning service provides effective chemicals that will wash your home and office smoothly and neatly.

Happy Clients

I just want to thank you! I cannot say enough good things about your company. I appreciate your service. Prompt and professional service and I have no more insects! Very courteous service tech as well!

Nayan Hossain, Customer

I am very pleased with the service I received, from the initial contact with your personnel to the technicians that handled my problems. It is great to deal with a company that values their customers. Thanks.

Tania Afroz, Customer

Frequently Asked Question

Get answers to frequently asked questions about our pest control services.

Yes. All kind of pest control material cost for the services is included in the mentioned price.

Mentioned price is the starting price. However, the price differs depending depends on the area of pest control, work complexity and extend of pest control measures.

A minimum service charge of BDT 500 will be applicable if the total bill is below BDT 500.

The completion time of the service depends on the number of rooms and floors. Cleaner will try to complete the service within 2 hours.

If anything goes wrong after availing a particular through Sheba. A tri-party investigation will be launched (which will involve Sheba, service partner and the customer).After completion of a transparent investigation. Detection and rectification of the issue will be made.

Yes there have warranty depends on the service but Ant and Mosquito has No Warranty