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We recover resources and give them new life

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We recover resources from waste and give them new life via:

Our Featured Stories

Food Bank

What is even better than turning water into wine? Turning food waste into electricity and soil. We’re excited by our partnership with Foodbank Victoria, an organisation who shares our values in relation to creating a better planet and minimising food waste. There is some food that even Foodbank can’t use, and as part of a new strategic project, Repurpose It will take packaged perishable food from Foodbank and turn it into soil and renewable energy. We are totally committed to repurposing food waste and through our work with Foodbank we will be one step closer. We have also committed to providing one million meals for people in need.

Services to Premier Sustainability Awards 2020

We’re proud to have won two Premier’s Sustainability Awards in 2020, within both the Innovative Products or Services and Small and Medium Enterprises categories! We’re grateful to be recognised by Sustainability Victoria, the Victorian Government and the Premier of Victoria, Dan Andrews.