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At Lauren M Rand Consulting LLC we offer educational coaching from certified teachers for elementary through secondary students in all subject areas.

Our teachers are knowledgeable about the scope and sequence of the curriculum particularly math and reading using a multi-sensory approach from elementary through grade 12 in courses such as algebra, geometry and pre-calculus. In addition we have specific training in Wilson and other reading methods to help struggling readers.

In every coaching session we integrate study skills including time management, note-taking, organizational skills, test-taking skills and active listening. For secondaring students we can provide individualized SAT preparation that will assist them in understanding content and strategies to improve their SAT scores. Also there is a deep understanding of how AP courses are structured and how the student can adjust their learning to be more successful.

Finally, we can successfully guide the college junior and senior through the college application process including writing the college essay. As educational coaches we believe it is important to help match all aspects of the person and their future goals with a university.

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Educational Coaching

Our approach is to come alongside students looking at where they excel. Then we positively and strategically communicate information/ skills in bite-sized components allowing the students opportunities to practice and make it their own.

Specialized Instruction

Personalized support and targeted instruction with an understanding of learning styles, needs and curriculum to encourage students to become life-long independent learners. Rates vary from $75- $85 per session.

Child Advocate

Advocate for students within the educational system. All services are billed at the rate of $125/hour.

Educational Testing

Conduct a comprehensive educational evaluation. All evaluations include a complete written report with recommendations. All services are billed at the rate of $150/hour.

College Planning & Placement

Focused coaching and support through the college application process. This includes support in filling out college applications, focused writing support for college essays, and preparation for visits and interviews. All services are billed at the rate of $85/ hour.


Few Kind Words

We are proud to share these testimonials, Additional references available upon request.

The difference is that in working alongside your child/young adult we have intimate knowledge of the common core, teaching methods used in class at elementary and secondary levels, a deep understanding of content area, and a knowledge of how students learn. We also have experience in remote learning and can support learners in this process. All of this works together to help grow independent learners who reach their potential.

Lauren saw beyond the defensive and disgruntled face of a teenage girl who had been spinning her academic wheels for years. She didn’t only teach subject matter, but Lauren was able to finally reach my child and teach her how she works and learns best – – – and thus, be successful in school. The results are not just visible on report cards. Lauren operates from the fundamental core belief that all children are uniquely capable of learning. Not only is my child benefiting from her guidance, I am a better educator and mother for seeing her example.

Avon, CT, Parent
Lauren has helped our team to better understand the learning needs of our students. She is proactive in her communication with teachers, consistently checking in to see how she can best support what our students are learning in the classroom.
John, Middle School Science Teacher
Lauren Rand is someone you want on your child’s team. She is knowledgeable, experienced, resourceful, hardworking, and creative. Lauren comes to know each child as an individual and finds unique ways to engage, motivate and challenge them. She has made a big impact on our son and his growth.
Farmington, CT, Parent
Lauren Rand has gone above and beyond to assist me and it means a lot to me. From meetings at school to making sure that the proper and necessary accommodations were in place. Lauren has been my advocate which has empowered me to improve my learning, study skills and grades. I don’t know what I do without her.
Avon, CT, High School Student
Since last year, Lauren has also been able to push my son out of his comfort zone in a manner where he challenges himself to achieve higher standards. he now better understands what kind of learner he is, and he attributes his success to Lauren, and so do we. I asked him why he thinks Lauren is “the best teacher ever.” His response is, “Mom, she just gets me. She knows what I am capable of and doesn’t let me do anything less. I just don’t want to let her down.”
Avon, CT, Parent & Student