Residential Products

Energy Advisors, Inc makes it possible for you to use the same amount of electricity at a substantially lower cost.

  • Lowers your electric bills every month of the year.
  • Savings that can be proven every month, unlike other energy cost-reducing products.
  • Help electrically-heated and cooled homes maintain their market value and makes them easier to sell than homes without demand management systems.
  • Allows homes to actually have less expensive total energy costs than a comparable gas-heated/cooled home, depending on the individual utility rates.

Commercial Products for Your Business,
Church or Synagogue

Many small to medium companies are not on the most advantageous rate. A major part of the electricity bill for most commercial, church and synagogue rates is not based upon the number of kilowatt-hours you consume but is based on the highest demand peak you reached during the month. In some rates, it is based upon the highest demand peak you reached anytime during the last year. That means, if you reach a very high demand peak in July or January, you will continue to pay for that peak in every month for twelve months thereafter the demand peak is caused by the simultaneous operation of equipment. Most of the time, this is caused by the random and unnecessary operation of background loads. The Energy Sentry® manages this process in a seamless way that is not intrusive and is under your total control. It is preprogrammed for you to provide savings without inconveniences, impact on operations or discomfort for customers or employees.