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Incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Energy Advisors, Inc. is a privately owned small business, specializing in energy management systems for both the medium to large homes and small to medium commercial/church/synagogue establishments.

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Residential Products

Energy Advisors, Inc makes it possible for you to use the same amount of electricity at a substantially lower cost.

Commercial Products

Many small to medium companies are not on the most advantageous rate.

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Our Testimonials

I just wanted to thank you for resolving my problem with Dominion Power, and for getting me a credit of $1356.01. I knew that something was wrong when my bills kept coming in so high. As you know, I had a house fire and Dominion Power removed my meter. When they replaced the meter, they put me on the wrong schedule, as your company found out. I would have never known if your company had not found this problem.
Mark Malbon, Sep 10, 2008
Effectiveness accompanied by courtesy are a rare combination in today’s world. The courtesy you extended to me when I received a ridiculously high bill from Dominion power was more then I expected. It would have been easy for you to direct me to their customer service line. Instead, you took the $810.00 error as your own and dealt directly with your contacts to resolve their error in my favor.
Any time when you deal with a large bureaucratic company like Dominion you feel like you are swimming upstream. Having you take the issue off my hands and fight for me was unexpected and a relief that I had someone covering my back.

24 Years of service in the Army and a tour in a combat zone toughened me for any fight, but that fight always leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Your actions went above and beyond my expectations, spared me the fight, and raised the bar for all other service-oriented businesses.

Thank you for your assistance. Keep up the good fight!

Gerry Stoner, Oct 5, 2008
I wanted to write a letter to express my satisfaction with the performance of the Energy Sentry demand controllers. I have 3 homes that are rentals in the Sandbridge area of Virginia Beach and all 3 have your proven product.

I have to say that I was very concerned that the renters would experience discomfort despite the money-saving opportunity for me. I was pleasantly surprised, as the systems haven’t caused any disruptions to the renters. In addition, I was able to save $ 4483.00 this summer alone on my power bills!

In closing, I would highly advise any homeowner that has a beach rental to meet with you to learn more about your terrific product. Good luck with your business.

Tony DiSilvestro, Nov 30, 2015
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