We offer load testing services for applications across domains and technologies, including web-based n-tier applications, client-server applications, SOA based solutions or COTS solutions. We have experience with all industry-leading performance testing and monitoring tools, along with expertise in end-to-end application performance testing including network, database, hardware, etc.

We publish a detailed performance testing report for the application with response times, break-point, peak load, memory leaks, resource utilization, uptime, etc. We provide clear and actionable application tuning recommendations and help you implement those working closely with various IT teams in your enterprise.

How We Help Achieve

Increased Revenue

  • Increased the throughput
  • By making IT systems more efficien
  • Higher availability of systems
Improved Customer Services

Improved Customer Services

  • Reduced Transaction time
  • Increased availability
  • Reduced failures, freezes, hanging locking


  • Reduced failure
  • Reduced batch processing time
  • Reduced reporting time

Technology Cost Optimization

  • Reduced infra requirement by tuning & optimizing Apps
  • Reducing sever footprint thereby minimizing licensing, maintanance and serving cost
Improved Business Scalability

Improved Business Scalability

  • Manage surge in volumes
  • Allowed systems to take more loads

Type of Services Offered

Component performance testing
System level performance testing
Scalability testing
Endurance testing
Stress testing
Volume testing
Customized solution
Setup performance CoEs
Load testing services over cloud
Continuous performance testing
We help you to identify all business critical scenarios.
We help you to benchmark your application performance.
Create customized and reusable solutions for performance testing of your application and servers.
We help you to set up online monitoring solutions
We help you with performance testing solutions to identify the extent of reliability of your application
Performance testing of your apps to make sure the application response times are within the specified limits.
Test early, detect early: component level performance nesting helps identify potential performance issues during the development phase
Quicker start for scalability plans
Cost Optimization by identifying load and performance issues before the customer is impacted
Better result analysis documentation: detailed and easy to understand documentation of test results help the stakeholders understand real application behavior.
Competitive pricing: get a better return on investment by having access to our SMEs along with regular resources.
Full-cycle performance testing and engineering service.
Extensive resource pool available with expertise in proorietary, open source(e.g.JMeter), and third-party tools for performance testing (LoadRunner, VSTS, LoadComplete, etc)
Peace of mind and confidence that your system can handle real-world usage

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