Pay an invoice

Work Flow:

  1. User logins
  2. user has 2 choices [Pay an invoice] or [view past invoices paid]
  3. client receives invoice by email and pays online by manually entering their invoice number and amount of money oweing. (There are no automatic invoice generating system, everything is manual entry by user)
  4. when client enter's money oweing, the checkout with ask user to confirm currency (do not put a default currency - force user to choose currency - CDN, USD, etc - Canadian Dollars, U.S. Dollars, British Pound and Euro)
  5. After invoice is paid, send acknowledgement by email and return to the page with the 2 choices (based on the client profile login)
  6. user has choice to view his past history payment from the Wordpress system only!!! Therefore if the client did not pay online, then no record would show. Only show what is paid through this system you created.